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Dog Pictures1326 provides lots of fun dog pictures, dog breed descriptions and much more!

Pet Preservation Specialist230
Pet preservation, also known as freeze drying, can be a comforting alternative to pet burials and cremation. To learn more about this option, visit our informative and educational website. We have faqs, photos and links related to dealing with pet loss.

If you have found an orphaned kitten and don't know what to do next, this website will guide your way.

Have you suffered the loss of a companion animal? Do you wonder how long it will be before the hurt goes away? Read about others accounts of how they survived the grief process.

Cyber Pet Help4148
This site is designed to be a single source Internet site for pets and animals, and support pet owners and professionals for all pet types. It will have valuable information an...

Epet Pet Center1339
The latest on pet care, food and supplies. Keep your pets healthy and happy.

Fuzzy-Rabbit's Rabbit Information1587
A variety of care information for rabbits including a behavior FAQ, caresheet, how-to's, indoor rabbits and photo galleries

Community forum and resource site for pleco, corydoras, catfish and fish lovers.

Are you a horse lover, or a first-time horse owner? This site will help you with the basics needed. Also read the Founder journal and learn about this baffling affliction and what to do.
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